Parent & Student Advisory Council

Parent Advisory

Parents are key stakeholders in True Legends Foundation and parent involvement is integral to the success of the program. One opportunity for parent involvement beginning in 2017 is participation in our Parent Advisory Council. True Legends Parent Advisory Council (TL: PAC) is comprised of parent representatives from each grade of the program who will meet annually and is supported by our Development Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Why Parent Engagement?

Working together toward one goal – building character and leadership to graduate from high school and continuing on to higher education.

Why Focus on Parents?

  • When we help parents take charge of their children’s education, we directly impact the kids.
  • Research indicates that student educational achievement is higher when parents are engaged.
  • Schools report that despite invitations to parents to get involved, many parents are hesitant.

Our Legendary Learning Program will help families:

  • Feel comfortable in the school setting even when the parents may have not finished school themselves.
  • Gain a support system through the school and through one another.
  • Figure out the specific academic needs of each child.


Student Advisory

At True Legends, we foster leadership opportunities to grow, engage and represent True Legends Foundation. Beginning in 2017, members of the Student Advisory Council will consist of students in grades 4 through 12. After a rigorous application process, the council members are required to stay involved in academic and enrichment activities within the Foundation, their schools and respective communities. The Student Advisory Council will meet annually.