Health & Wellness Programming provides students with access to essential health and wellness resources throughout the school year and summer months.

  • Competitive Sports: Students join one of our high competitive basketball teams. Teams travel to compete in leagues and tournaments (grades K-12).
  • Social Development: Students participate in social development workshops as early as 5th grade and continue building their understanding of healthy living habits, decision, choices and relationships through 11th grade (grades 5-11).
  • Fitness: In addition to participating in a competitive sport, students work with the fitness coordinators, strength and conditioning coaches, as well as trainers, to ensure they maintain balanced bodies that are responsive to an everyday active lifestyle (grades K-12).
  • Nutrition: Woven into other wellness activities, nutritionist work to inform students about the importance of eating properly and how to identify foods that will support high levels of performance (grades 1-12).

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